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Re: If every organization sucks......

Valley Warriors have been going down hill fast for a long time. EHL junior league is depleted with all the better area junior teams leaving.

Re: If every organization sucks......

my kid plays for the Shamrocks....great organization...great coaches; kids and parents. All kids have improved and play better each week. If you can get all these things stick with the organization....we are not elite but the team is better than town hockey and so is most of the competition. Most of us realistic parents know our kids will never play past high school so enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh and to the folks that bash the non-elites and the "non-elite organizations"....most elites will fizzle out because they do not have the work ethic...everything comes when all the hard-workers catch up (the current non-elite 10yr olds) in their teens your elite will be lucky to play high school!!I

Most of those elites are not there because it is handed to them. The coaches kids at times are the ones who have it handed to them!

Elite kids are there because of their commitment and work ethic. Those who remain commited and follow their path will be successful. The kids who are not elite or not playing on an elite team should keep working hard and realize that they too can goes as far of they believe in themselves and keep at it