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Re: Teams swapping leagues

Dummy ... it's not a blog. What are you a 35 y/o broad? Do you have any insightful tips on how to make a better meatloaf too? Blog...pfff

This is a good old fashioned dboard.

Many of us normal people have spoken already about the stupid cape posts. Even Who Cares Guy stopped saying WHO CARES! The humanity!

Ok. So I'll agree with you about the blog poster, I agree with blog meatloaf mom...this wasn't even close to targeting Hurricanes. Please stop guy has asked politely several times on various threads to please stop. But as you said, this is the good old fashion dboard. So imeatloaf mom really is corrrct. Get over it and move on. Plenty of posters still posting on the Hurricanes still though. Think I noticed a couple new ones just today. But maybe they're not normal like you
I'm Please Stop guy, and I've not asked before. Meaning, more than one person is trying to get Cape Guy to stop posting about the same subject.

As already pointed out, this isn't a blog. In the blogosphere, you can choose to follow someone's personal ramblings, which is what this has become. I can't unsubscribe to avoid the mindless drivel of some fool that cares way too much about what is recreational hockey. In this case, low level recreational hockey. That the overwhelming majority of people that visit these Boards don't cares about.

This is a message board. There's a function called "Recent Posts" that, even if I don't read everyone has to wade past.

So, on behalf of the Overwhelming Majority, Just. Stop. Cape Guy.

not from the cape not posted on this thread before, but dude. get over your arrogant self. this is a dboard, don't click on stuff you don't like. or open your own posts. wading past threads, really?

I think what Please Stop Guy is trying to say is ...we really only care about the cape in the summer time. I'd bet 80% of the posts this year have been waiting in vain for their owner to post something about being sold!! Cape is now officially crazy town... Someone go get a beer at Guido Murphy's and shut up about WN. They really should be posting about the shark sightings and not about hockey. Makes no sense. Besides, we haven't heard any good islander bashing in quite some time!

Re: Teams swapping leagues

Most Bulldog teams have low winning percentages so that makes them unattractive to other leagues. Rumors have it the Fed has asked them to leave

Re: Teams swapping leagues

Beachcomber .., shark sightings and drunk girls in bikini's #5 tourist attraction

Re: Teams swapping leagues

tg has a terrible winning percentage oh forgot founder member lol