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Youth Hockey
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Re: Confused

guy just stop with these posts already. your talking about something that doesnt exist.

Both leagues are fine. Maybe 1-2 kids total playing right now might actually make themselves a pro hockey career. Find a program or 2 close to you. check out the teams and the coaches and make your choice. E9/EHF doesn't really matter. Your kids will still play against good competition and have good coaching.[/quote]

Agree!! Where do you live and where does he play currently? Leauge doesn't matter coaching is top priority when searching for a team!

Re: Confused

the best league in the area is the one your kid enjoys playing in, at the right level of competition where he/she gets to impact the game. The most important thing at the younger ages is to teach the fundamentals of hockey and keep the passion for the kid. Weave in the right way to play the game and you may, with any luck, have a kid that sticks with it and enjoys the game.