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Re: EHF to go KABOOM! Super League being Formed!

I know not all the EHF teams are like this but it just goes to show if you have some money you can get your kid on a team.
It seems to be very watered down.
Just to have some fathers say their kid plays in the EHF with their buddies at work.
Letters do not mean too much!

First, letters do mean a lot (or too much as referenced above). That's why "they" are starting the USPHLHPY Division. You'll have USPHLHPYDN and USPHLHPYDS. If its a good product you may end up with USPHLHPYDE and USPHLHPYDW. SO letters do mean something...especially on a league tracksuit.

I agree with the money statement from the posters above. If you have money (or a bus or a van) and can move past the so called "bus clause" to get this league going, you will really impress your buddies at work.

Re: EHF to go KABOOM! Super League being Formed!

My son has never been an EHF All-Star and yet he is in the starting lineup of all his prep school games. How can this be?

u guys are hilarious. but why are you still on the youth board with a preppie?

I also have an 04 and couldnt resist..shame on me.