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Re: 07 Advantage Ducking Competition

What I find funny are the people who say talk about it being just 07s, not just in this thread but most threads. We get it. But your the a**holes that are trolling these sites commenting on how we are all losers. Time to look in the mirror.

Most of the time people aren't trolling. They may have several kids with, for example, their youngest being an 07, as in my case. So, I like to hear what is going on with other 07 teams and organizations. I, however, agree with the above poster. 07s scared to play them because they may ruin their standing? One of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. And you will realize how ridiculous in a few years but in the meantime, name calling just reinforces 3 year old behavior. Enjoy squirts while it lasts, these should be the fun years.

It's not the kids that are scared to play. It's the coaches and program director who are scared of the team getting exposed. Fake MHR ranking due to math games is being used to prop up the team and program.

Exposing a team of 9 year old for what they really are???? This may be the dboard quote of the year

Re: 07 Advantage Ducking Competition

Won't play a single team in the top 10 because they are scared they will lose their ranking spot. They played one team in the top 15 and lost.

Stop ducking the competition if you want to claim that you are elite!

Hey Moron - these kids are 9 or 10 years old.

Go toss your boyfriends salad and give it a break.