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Re: 95 Giants and playoffs

That there is gas and insurance money for a BMW and an Escalade

Re: 95 Giants and playoffs

Giants didn't get bags or suits either will we get the $160 refund??

Re: 95 Giants and playoffs

played 04-95 Giants team at JWK, had 4-5 kids with black helmets and pants, definitely not full time on their roster...assume they were Caps?

That's a leap of faith, especially when Bauer screwed up all of the equipment orders for all of North America, and lots of those kids ordered and payed for white helmets, they never got.

Prob not as apparent at other organizations because most use black helmets, so they could go unnoticed not getting a new helmet.

But I know of several kids at 95 that are on the teams and never got their helmets.

They do have lots of alternates at certain levels as well

Re: 95 Giants and playoffs

"helmets" "helmets" "we talking bout helmets man "