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Re: Implosion

hello new Bandits, same as the old (basement) Bandits

Give them a chance. New guy in front office certainly seems more involved with youth levels than TS ever was. Getting rid of some coaches that have been issues. And let's not forget, Bandits will finally be rid of WN. Putting an elite team in at 06 is a start. Don't get me wrong...probably will finish at or near the bottom but you have to start somewhere. It's all a step in the right direction
It all depends on how competitive they can be in the first year. If they spend the season getting beat like a rug they will not be able to recruit the following year. If they struggle early and finish strong and get anywhere near the middle of the pack they have a shot. If they finish last everyone tortured their kid for the sake of running this experiment for a second time. If they finish strong they gambled with their kids' happiness and confidence in order to help the Bandits organization. Seems like an insane move on the personal level to me but it would be awesome for the league if the Bandits can become a good reputable program. I hope it works and it seems like you guys have a few things going for you. It is a long shot though...