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Re: EHF Tryouts posted

Hey rookie, league sets the dates programs can start tryouts, not programs. It's why all EHF programs have tryouts same week. Maybe know the EHF rules clueless 07 rookie daddy.

I am no rookie , I am an alien from planet Mypos , I am hear to make sure you all eat your frosted flakes .

Re: EHF Tryouts posted

Didn't notice Marchs tryout dates on Bandits so can't say it's different than Vipers. That Feb tryout date, you will find, is what some programs offer to entice kids in early but only non EHF players are eligible. However, fed site shows tryouts as the week of March 20th so maybe Vipers are changing leagues. The E9 usually has tryouts the week before Feds

Re: EHF Tryouts posted

Why are the Vipers tryouts thecweek before EHF tryouts start? Dirdnt make sense but it also doesn't look like they are switching leagues. Their tryout info is on the fed site