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Re: 04 teams looking for players

eh, my guess is his kid is getting cut and he doesn't want to be to obvious that he's looking for a new home for jr

Actually I'm looking for a more competitive team for the kid. He plays in the e9 and the competition is not good. Only 2 good teams and he's not on one of them so I'm looking around. Thanks for all your help, you can go back to obsessing about 8-9 year old hockey now

Maybe this is me wishing, but the 2017-18 2004 E9 may improve in quality next year with the addition of AVP and maybe a few EHF players coming over now that the Q chase is over. I hope so...having the division filled out with Boch and VJWS, and with a dismal BJR team, has added 12 awful games to the schedule.

Re: 04 teams looking for players

I hope you're right. 04e9 has been rough this year.

Re: 04 teams looking for players

04 Terriers looking for players

Re: 04 teams looking for players