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Re: 06 Level moves.....

Wouldn't make sense to say that BA is in first because kids are being developed correctly! Haven't attended all the games, but, for most part, all kids are getting equitable playing time ! A lot more equitable than teams that aren't in first!
That wasn't the question. The question was, why would someone leave a first place team? No idea if this particular BA rolls their lines or not. Was just offering a reason why someone would make that decision.

The reason is to play in a higher/better league. To play with / against teams that have more depth. I've watched quite a few E9 and EHF games at the 06 level. The speed of the game is faster at the EHF level. The teams are a little more deep. This is not meant to knock the E9, but the teams at the 06 level in the EHF have a little more depth. Maybe it's different at other age groups but at the 06 level there seems to be a difference.