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Re: Seacoast ????

In trying to get back the OPs question, what's the reason you don't think Seacoast gets numbers at tryout time? As stated, good org, sweet unis, etc, why do people not see them as a good option?

Distance from home? NH? E9? Cost?

I'm with the OP, for the No MA and NH folks, it would seem like a place too be... Why not?

Re: Seacoast ????

Wrong it's a SSKs dad. They are blowing up and taking everyone down with them.

Re: Seacoast ????

Ok, let's try again. Forget about SSK, VJW, etc.

If you live in say, Amesbury, why wouldn't you want to play for Seacoast? Or, why would you?

Seems like a no-brainer if your kid is good.

Re: Seacoast ????

I think Seacoast does get many of the Northeast Ma kids, but I think the pool to pick from gets smaller up there. When you get your IHC and VJW teams dragging kids from around the city, Seacoast just does not have the numbers like that to draw from and the field thins out.

Seacoast has a great program, good facility and very level headed management that is VERY engaged with their families (I have seen them just walking around facility STOPPING to talk to as many people as they can). So their teams are not top 3 at each age level, their ice time is consistent, skills are very good, coaches are not all daddy coaches (many played at high level college and pro), played in one of the top leagues in New England, cost is competitive, and majority of their families keep coming back year after year (maybe part of the reason they do not recruit "top" talent, committed to families that are committed?).

Re: Seacoast ????

Overall my son is happy with the Spartans at the '03 level, enjoys the coaches and skills and is having fun this year especially.

The team lost a few cancers on the team from last year (parents more than players) that created some issues and left for tg we think - they haven't been missed and other than that - everything over the last few years has been great.

Re: Seacoast ????

Everyone knows that 06 VJW is the minor league team of the 06 IHC. They seem to pick up all of IHC kids that get cut.