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Youth Hockey
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Re: VJW 05 Elite

Didn't they turn half that team over last year? What are they going to flip 3-5-7 kids every year till these kids go to HS? How about developing the kids you have, build on their improvements and actually work for something? Look at the 05 IHC thread, that team looks like it takes 2 "of the best" kids every year and that team looks like it drops further every year.

Re: VJW 05 Elite

Ok MR Ranger

Re: VJW 05 Elite

What have they won?.

Re: VJW 05 Elite

Who cares and to say 7 kids are being replaced makes it very obvious you are just starting rumors.

Re: VJW 05 Elite

rangers will have a hard time getting anyone to tryouts program is sh t

Re: VJW 05 Elite

vjw good old boy program buddy buddy system