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Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

Same goes for Jr. Terriers, Jr Eagles and South Shore kings. All will take anyone on and let the best team win. Props to these orgs for doing that. Gallant can keep protecting his teams, but everyone knows the truth outside of the IHC inner club.

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

Flames are as boring as their 1980's uniforms

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

You call them boring because you know full well that your precious 04 from TG Tier 1 couldn't make the 06 Flames Elite. Sad. How's the job search going?

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

I will bet you that 2 of your top forwards are begging to join IHC after next season. Sorry the 06 Mite Hall of Fame team is over for you Flamers

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

IHC lover
So they (IHC) put a superteam together, then refuse to play anyone else outside of EHF, that may give them a good game. Keep ducking. At least the Flames will play anyone anywhere at anytime.

Dumb post. Sorry your kid got cut for Jonny I do a ton of skills hockey boy.