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Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

Flames are as boring as their 1980's uniforms

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

You call them boring because you know full well that your precious 04 from TG Tier 1 couldn't make the 06 Flames Elite. Sad. How's the job search going?

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

I will bet you that 2 of your top forwards are begging to join IHC after next season. Sorry the 06 Mite Hall of Fame team is over for you Flamers

Re: Islander 06 - New Superteam

IHC lover
So they (IHC) put a superteam together, then refuse to play anyone else outside of EHF, that may give them a good game. Keep ducking. At least the Flames will play anyone anywhere at anytime.

Dumb post. Sorry your kid got cut for Jonny I do a ton of skills hockey boy.