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Re: LK 06 - Early Look Tryouts

Please refrain from the "EHF" talk when referring to Bandits, because that is where the illusions of grandeur come in.

The EHF at 05 and 06 level is better, agreed

The Bandits at the 05 and 06 level are below town A never mind BHL or E9

ask any parent on any of those teams, coaches, owners, player development guy, zamboni driver etc....

those teams have kids that were playing Town B last year and bubble kids at that level, kids who could not make Town A teams, Elite teams at EHF or BHL teams and went to bandits as a last resort.

they were even asking kids who quit hockey at 8 to come back to fill roster spots at 06.

at 05, they took a bunch of 06's that would not make the elite 06 teams anywhere else !

The Bandits may be part of the FED, but at these levels, they should not even be in the same sentence.

This year will be better for the Bandits, and that started with getting rid of the elite team at both levels. amd then heavily recruiting outside of the program for kids to fill Tier 1 teams to be competitive because the elite kids are not even capable of that.

Re: LK 06 - Early Look Tryouts

Early LooK tryouts are not unique to Bandits, the Islanders do the same thing. At least they are being up front about it, everyone else brings in even EHF kids for "practices" before practices begin. Don't see what the LK folks are worried about, they have the huge advantage of holding their full tryouts and being able to sign kids well before the Bandits can.

Good point! Another good point is that it is FREE it's not like you have to pay $100.00 to tryout at this early LooK. It's a good idea to go to these free skates when you can. Can't hurt checking it out. By the looks of it, it looks like this coach is only coaching 1 team which is a huge plus for the players.
Bahaha! Nope, it's not a good idea to go to these free skates whenever you can and anyone who believes that is a complete sucker and will learn the hard way why it's actually a terrible idea. The coach is only coaching 1 BANDITS team but one of these threads was bragging about him being a HS or juniors coach or something like that as if it had anything to do with coaching 10 year old kids. And the point above is crap also, since when is it up front to advertise your tryout pretending to be a totally different club? Thanks for the input though Doug

Thanks WN, but you told everyone you played in the pros and was a pro scout so at least his credentials aren't tall tales like yours were. Hey, how was Brockton High buddy?

Grilled Cheese sandwich with a side of fries ..... Said the Argonaut