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Re: watering down of Club? Draining Town

So, what do the parents do if the kid is better than the kids on the best town team at his age level? AAA gives the kid an option to play with kids on their level....oh by the way, improving so they can move up in the future if the kid works hard and has some skill. After all, they are still young, most of those younger elite/T1 kids end up not being the best anymore....gotta love the late bloomers! Eichel; Kessler so on...not saying any of these kids are going to the NHL but all kids dream!! Most select teams have far more ice time and provide decent skills for those late bloomers to develop...the only parents that are left wondering is the elite mite that didn't stay elite as the years went on....nothing anyone can do about that!

Ideal !! but the numerous teams are allowing kids on the lower third of thier Town B team to play selects because their parents are mad they didn't make the top team.

I love the kids ( and that is a good amount of older Tier 1 players ) who played town, selects and worked their way into elite level at the later ages and bypassed all of the kids that were better than them at Mites/Squirts/Pee Wee.

Take whichever route is best for you and your kid, and if your kid wants to be on teh ice seven days a week, but is not elite at squirts but can keep up then AAA is right where they belong, and they will continue to develop year after year while the "elite" mites and squirts drop off !!

Re: watering down of Club? Draining Town

It happens in every sport. Happens in school too. We just don't start message boards for those activities to air out our frustrations. All this talk happens in private.