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Re: Town is better...

I caught a town game before one of the kids games this weekend. I learned a few very valuable lessons when it comes to town. First being, thank god my kid does not play town because that was painful to watch. Second being I was very pleased to see kids playing the sport and enjoying it without all of the pressure each and every shift , Third. I truly appreciate the ability and passion my kid has for the game, very thankful and appreciative of where he is, albeit not at the top of his age group but so far beyond what I saw, and lastly I thought elite parents were nuts, until I watched and listened to a few parents during the final period and after the game... wow.

I would love to tell you which teams it was, but during the entire third period the kids where either whacking the puck back and forth in the neutral zone, icing the puck or lying face down on the ice, so I could not even see what the jerseys said ! Pee wee level !

Come on now. I've seen enough town games waiting for my kids games to tell you not all town games are like that. Maybe you caught a town C game. Who knows. Bottom line is some town programs are stronger than others and their A teams can be pretty competitive. And Parents .... I've seen some pretty classless ones and some of my kids EHF games. It can happen anywhere. Don't try to make make this more than it is