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Re: Town Pewee Goalie Needed-free tuition possibly

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Have fun playing select. If your kid can't keep up at the elite level then save your time and money and don't drag the kid all over creation to make yourself feel better about where your kid is playing. It's the arrow not the indian. He will end up being a great town HS player regardless if you just take him to extra skill sessions. If they can hang at the elite level then get them there and if they are a top 6 player there then make the commitment and stick it out through prep (if the grades are good) and then juniors. It's a long journey to get them where you all want them to end up and some kids run out of gas so be careful on which path you choose. There is a lot more going on in a kids life for 6 months (all year if you go elite) other than hockey.

My kid plays Elite and I can't stand this elitist attitude. If you kid doesn't play elite than take him to town? First, stop telling Parents how to Parent their kids. Second, my kid has played tier 1 and Elite. I can tell you with 100% certainly that half of the kids are interchangeable, especially at the pre-checking ages which is the majority of youth hockey. The best teams in elite have 3-4 Elite players. The most development I saw in my kid at younger ages was in tier 1. Worry about your own kid and Parents, do what works for you and your kid