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Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

It is not competitive, at all. RI Junior Blues team is middle of the pack in their division and is making the playoffs. That same team is in last place in state league with 1 win and 20 something losses. Don't think of it as a league so much as a series of tournaments against other mediocre/bad teams.

your missing a major point though. The RI JR Blues are a 07 only team for that division. IN SNEHC they are playing against 90% 06 level kids, yes they are getting beat up, but none of the other teams are that young so the comparisons are not valid. The 07 teams they are playing against in EJ are competative against other 07 teams. Like the poster said above top teams Mid BHLA/T1B rest BHLN/T1W/emhl caliber.

Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

And the 06 team is also getting beat up in the same SNEHC division. The EJEPL is a total scam.

Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

The Blues PW team that has lost 1 game in SNEHC and has beaten BHL teams in the Kennedy, EMHL teams in scrimmages a strong Boston Jr Penguins team etc. Then went 7-9 in EJ. EJ has solid teams like any other league. Look at Red Bank, Protec, etc at U12. All top 30 in MHR Tier 2.

The 06 Blues team can't score if you actually looked at goal differentials. They lost 8 kids to the BHL Saints. All but 1 of those kids should have stayed as that team did worse in the JWK then Burriville a town team. Give'm a few scorers and they'd win more.

07 team is taking lumps in state and rightfully so. It's all 3rd graders vs 5th graders no matter skill kids will get pushed around. Just look at a 5th grade class at school playing 3rd graders in say kickball.

I give them credit because if they played down in the second division they'd kill teams and that'd be a waste. Nothing wrong with losing. They will dominate next year as they've only gotten lumped up by the top 3 teams and lost to Burriville 2-0. They also rolled a tier 1 white 07 team, and lost to the BSB tier 1 team. So like the other posters said EJ is comparable to middle BHL/Tier 1 Black and upper White. EMHL I disagree, it's lower. EJ is tier 2 and 3 at there lower levels. Doesn't claim to be tier 1. So for us in the Northeast that equates to EJ Diamond is Tier 1 Black/BHL level upper White/Nat.

Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

Don't be ridiculous. Isn't this the same league that the Northern Cyclone play in at U11 and U12 ?

For reference, The Northern Cyclones Top "elite" teams at these age groups are bottom of the barrel BHL National teams ! These are the kids that are the elite players, not sure if this league has the same kids or the lower kids that are not making their "elite team". Either way, If a team is lower than a bottom BHL team , they are equivalent to Town B at best !

It appears that the cyclones do ok in this EJEPL, so what does that tell you !!!

Nothing Elite or Prospect about it !

Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

Cyclones U12 is in the American 2004 which is a strong division in comparison to Fed Black. They did well in EJ league. U11 team is in National and has a losing record as well as EJ 11 and has a losing record.

Let's move on and stop dissecting each team because you could do that at every level in every league. EJ is Tier 2 at Diamond same as BHL/Tier 1. Some divisions are better than others just like the other 2 leagues. There are 2 Elite division E9 and Fed Elite. And even there the bottom teams aren't the greatest elite teams.

Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

EJEPL is a town league with a wider geographical distribution and higher price tag.

Re: EJEPL - 9U Diamond

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EJEPL is a town league with a wider geographical distribution and higher price tag.

o you mean like the BHL national Tier 1 white and EMHL.