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Re: What's in your bag

To answer your question for real kid - there will be a crap load of old cooper gear in all of our bags - cooper armadillo gloves, XL7 helmet, S1500 Shin pads, cooperall hockey pants (and I really mean pants, not short hockey pants). You may find the holy grail of hockey skates - the micron 10-90 but definitely no shoulder pads. Elbow pads optional but if they are in there they will be a pair of cooper youth EK5's held together with rubber bands and hockey tape.

Re: What's in your bag

been useing this for 2 years, Bantam, Wing
Bauer Re-AKT
CCM Tacks 6052
CCM quick lite shin
Warrior QRL3 Int, 1N backup
Bauer Vapor apx2 chest
Bauer Vapor apx2 elbow
Tackla Air Girdle
Team issued Bauer Supreme Gloves
Team issued Bauer Bag

Definitely a kid - look at the first line of his post.

Definitely a kid? Are you serious? How many illiterate adults do we come across every day? Even with the benefit of spell check and a CC degree and they still couldn't spell cat if you spotted them the C and the T