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Re: Parents carrying the kids bag?

You Mass / RI red necks are something else!!! I love you sh*t, I really do! Think about it. Let a 6 year old kid carry a 40 lb bag, hunched over on same shoulder multiple times per week for years! F''ing dumb *sses... that's great for your kids spinal cord etc... Oh wait the kid is not a tough guy hockey player if he doesn't do this.... F'ing *ss clowns!

Don't post this crap anymore!!! Go to library study up and come back and post!
I see all you tools in the airport with wheels on your bags.....

If your gonna post be able to back it up.

This guy/girl is one militant helicopter parent!

Show me a kid who let's Mommy or Daddy carry their bags, and I'll show you a kid who doesn't pass the puck.

I wonder, when someone posts on the boards and makes a compete jackass of themselves, do they learn from it or just go on to post more jackassedness?

The latter.