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Re: Q results?

If you are a New England parent, player, coach or an observer and you are not just rooting for these kids to do well up there, then you need to take a long look in the mirror. You should get your kid out of sports all together because you are in it for all the wrong reasons.

To your point, sir, I have a friend in his mid 50s, a hockey guy, loves the sport, who still fondly reminisces about the time when his team went to the Q in 1970s, I believe, he said in 1975, and actually won the whole thing in a hard fought and dramatic fashion! Nobody can take away those memories. It is definitely very exciting and fun to be there for both the players and the families.

It's really something when you meet people who peaked at the age of 11.

Your comment is simply stupid! He actually went to UNH and had an outstanding college hockey career there if you must know.