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Youth Hockey
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Re: The State of Hockey

what ever happened to the days of commitment and loyalty to an organization, coach, and teammates? All I see and hear in today's world of youth hockey is about this player jumping to this team and that player jumping to that team... about bragging that their kid is "ELITE"... and about what league little johhny plays for....

Maybe I am old school.... but when I played youth hockey, I made friends for life, my parents made friends for life, and the organization was a big family. Sure, there were squabbles internal to each family, but at the end of the day it was still a family. Kids took pride in the uniform they were wearing and played their hearts out for the kids on the ice next to them.

It is a sad day when that is gone from the youth hockey experience.... don't people realize that the togetherness and life lessons that the kids experience, are what playing hockey is all about? With 1 in 1,000 kids who play actually getting to play beyond high school, and 1 in 18,000 actually playing as high as D1, why are so many parents blinded by status and by chasing the dream at the U7 to U13 age levels? Find me a College coach who cares what team a kid played for at 10, and I'll show you a failing college coach.

Let the kids dream.... they are the ones that should be pretending to be Gretzky scoring the overtime Stanley Cup winner in the driveway. Parents need to wake up and get a grip on reality. Wake up nut jobs.... if your kid was that good, and driven to succeed, it wouldn't matter where he played or who he played for... they will get far more out of being a part of a hockey community, then they will out of being able to say that they played EHF/E9/etc....

vent over!

Two words that simply ruined youth hockey:

Adults (both coaches & parents)


Re: The State of Hockey

Some great posts however there are a lot of situations out there where coaches kids are terrible, only there because it's a good old boy network or friends and family and a players growth is stunted staying. I am an assistant coach on a team and we are considering leaving. Why? The head coache is only in it for his kid and our other assistant coaches kids are the bottom two players on the team. One of the assistant coach's kid is a total mental case and drags the team down. Stupid penalties coupled with no skill.

I agree with the previous posters however at some point decoupling from programs that let subpar players stay is not good for your kid. The trick is finding a good team that has good skilled players who are also good teammates and have normal parents.

Re: The State of Hockey

Where's the guy with "The Rules," he can set you all straight

Re: The State of Hockey

What ever happened to the days of...

It's a great question and fun to romanticize about it, but I'm sure we all know the answer. Most of us don't want to admit it. Some just lack the intelligence to understand it. Others are incapable of clearing a path to see the truth.

We all grew up and failed. Maybe not in our careers as professionals, but our dreams. Our 10 y/o self didn't want to be a stock broker or a manager at Pet Smart, we wanted to play a sport. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. I'm not talking about a cup of coffee in a minor affiliate, I mean the show. Pretty sure that Mr. Neely isn't coming on the dboard. Even if it is hysterical.

Now with all of our experience, all of our knowledge, we know how to create a success story. We can build a winner. We can learn from our failures and pass it on to our kids. Surely, they won't make the same mistakes we did. They'll work harder, get more instruction and training,the list goes on, right?

What happened to the days of...well, we did.

Re: The State of Hockey

Great post from OP and all the other positive replies.

It has to be about fun and friendship. Parents treat their kids like free agents jumping to the next green pasture. If the skills and coaching is good just let them play.