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Re: 2005 E9 Elite vs EHF Elite Allstar Game

Not surprising. Fed teams do not play for the love of the game, they play only if they think they will win, if they are afraid they may lose they will use the weather, traffic, illness, scheduling misunderstandings as an excuse to not play the game.

Re: 2005 E9 Elite vs EHF Elite Allstar Game

The event was staged. Those were really EHF Tier 1 kids in the E9 uniforms. You guys know the Fed would never allow an interleague competition. Fake news.

Re: 2005 E9 Elite vs EHF Elite Allstar Game

Not much information yet, but the E9 and EHF 2005 division will be experimenting with a Allstar game immediately after the season. Players will be picked from their respective league, and must have played in at least 50% of their ehf or e9 teams games. Possibly best of 3 series. Each team allowed 15 skaters and 2 goalies.
Sound like a good idea and should be a good game.

This should be fun, of course parents will and already have made it so it will not be fun.

We got our invite yesterday, and because of the two nominations per team, there is already friction today among our team over what kids should have been picked and kids being passed up.

I have already heard the argument for the bottom two kids on the Eagles should play over anyone on the Bandits, but I like the idea of getting each team involved and each team being represented, like the NHL does.

Look forward to seeing everyone there, and for the record they are not doing the best of 3, and will be trying a skills competition on one day and the game the following day !