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Re: 06 AI exploded

When you search the name focker you find a lot of posts this guy chimes in on and ends up being 100% wrong. Turn in your marijuana card buddy, you smoke to much.

Re: 06 AI exploded


Re: 06 AI exploded

AI Exploded? Sounds more like addition by subtraction, no? Let's be honest here we all know that "coach" that isn't coming back. He shouldn't be around humans in general, never mind children. That bully leaves a stain everywhere he goes and one day someone will get hurt, amazing it hasnt already happened over the years. but another program will take his $$$ and his menacing show will carry on at rink near you. Everyone loves to complain about this coach and this program and this kid. Only thing that changes every year is the name on the shirt and who the check is made out too. Now go ahead tell me this is what goes on everywhere including chess club, so get over it. and I know youre all sorry my kid got cut. GL in tryouts all. Jokes on us.

Re: 06 AI exploded

AI Exploded? Sounds more like addition by subtraction, no?

I like that. Fitting in this case.