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Re: tryout fees

Town teams are worse. Medfield is $250 and Needham $1,000, both non refundable.

Yeah but you're guaranteed a spot. That's called a deposit.

Re: tryout fees

BB $50

True. BB offered to pay us fifty bucks to come to tryouts too !

But if you are insuating that hey are charging $50, that is more ludicrous than the 100, since they picked 90% of teams after free eval skate last month !

I have no idea what you just said but I suspect you will do just fine at the Bandits

Re: tryout fees

Quit your complaining tryout fees are a money grab, so the net result is it helps keep teams from increasing tuition. Even better is that they are paid by kids who have no chance of making the team. So they end up subsidizing my kid for next year! Crank them up!
Exactly, should be high with 50% kicked back if you make the team.

Re: tryout fees

seems ridiculous that BA and 95 Giants are charging $100 for tryouts.

MMF and IHC are $60-$65

Whats the additional cost for?

It's called the owners kid's college fund.

Thanks for your donation.