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Re: 05 Jr Eagles

This team definitely has a few gaps to fill. Coach dint really play in college but posishions it as if he were an allstar etx....

When you encounter this guy on the glass, you think he's an idiot. When he posts on the dboard, you know he's an idiot. No fooling anyone on here buddy. Learn to read and write before you sit down at the computer next time.

Re: 05 Jr Eagles

A BJE coach was misrepresenting his playing experience? Playing college hockey is a great accomplishment. Shouldn't be embarrassed if you were a lower end player.

Re: 05 Jr Eagles

You are all morons! First to play college hockey at any level is a great accomplishment. Most hockey players don't make it beyond HS let alone get a chance to play at a higher level. Second your level of play has nothing to do with your ability to coach... Comments about level of play and coaching ability are indicative of transient hockey people i.e. those parents who's knowledge is limited and only pay attention because little Joey is fortunate enough to be playing a great sport (for the time being)... In the New England states alone there are a plethora of Hockey HoF coaches that didn't play in the NHL, or College... Time to stop being a hater, If a coach is not a good coach then that is all there is to it...

Re: 05 Jr Eagles

Elite or AAA?