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Re: tier 1 to elite

Mr. Dumass
At what age is it okay to make the move from tier 1 to "Elite". We like current coach and program but what are the benefits of playing at the Elite level other than the obvious ie talent/depth 1 thru 15.

When you get selected or recruited for the elite team and you are confidant your kid will perform and have fun and "not merely keep up and not be a liability"

Be aware - this is largely (not all, but many if not most) of the type of parent you'll deal with at elite. Lot's of dad's who like to make noise about a kid who "merely keeps up". So be ready for the politics too.

This was not elite level politics and merely a parent who has been through this and providing my input. Maybe I should have expanded a bit. Having my kid play Tier 1 one year longer than maybe he could have was the best thing I have seen for his development until he got older. The confidence that came with being one of the better kids and having his teammates and coaches rely on him was huge for his self esteem, and he went to the elite level with a ton of confidence and continued the high level of play.

He had played a few elite games prior to this and "merely kept up" and trust me, it was much more enjoyable for him and us.