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Re: Next season, please schedule ehf-e9 crossover games

As a fed parent, I think the ehf is a great league, and coaching is superb. I honestly have seen only 3-4 E9 games, and I thought they were decent games, although, I thought the ehf games were slightly more competitive.
That being said, I am so tired of listening to other parents on my sons team obsession with the E9. Every practice and game it is 75% of every conversation.
I joke with the other parents, but I'm really serious, that after 3 years it's probably time to find a new topic other than the E9. Last week I asked one of the other mothers why the E9 teams would not play us, her answer was "we are not allowed to play them".
In disbelief, I asked our coach if that was indeed the case, and he answered "yes". I asked the coach why, his exact quote was, "we have nothing to gain by playing the E9, if we win, we're supposed to win, if we lose, they'll have bragging rights.....and they have some good teams".
If we don't want to play them that's fine, but how can every parent be so obsessed with how much better we are than the E9 , if we refuse to play them. Even if we are better, I'm sure the games will be better than playing the bottom 4-5 teams in my sons division.

I have never one hear a parent our team talk, let alone obsess about playing E9 teams

Nobody in the FED cares about the E9. The only time you even hear mention of it is when during FED tryouts there are a bunch of Assabet and VJW sweaters swirling about the ice.

A couple days later they are gone and things return to normal. I will admit year in and year out the 1 or 2 real high end E9 players make the leap to the FED (as they will again this year) and its a good move for those kids. They need to play against the best.

You are the FED parent that makes the rest of us FED Parents look bad

You are an E9 parent, pretending to be a FED parent disparaging another FED parent, which is concerning on so many levels.

Nope. EHF. Has only played in EHF since learn to play. Just realistic. No need boast about my kids skill, his team's skill or his leagues skill and don't understand those living vicariously through their kid who feel the need to do so

Re: Next season, please schedule ehf-e9 crossover games

E9 is JV

Re: Next season, please schedule ehf-e9 crossover games

E9 is JV