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Re: Most egregious thing you've seen this year in youth hockey

Pickle Juice
My wife had relations with coach. Sad part is, my kid's ice time didn't increase!

Apparently ...neither did the coach! AOoooo

Re: Most egregious thing you've seen this year in youth hockey

So last year the coach told me my kid was on the bubble and we should have a back up plan. They invited kids from other organizations to come in to skate with our team. Frankly they weren't as good as my kid.

So before tryouts I met with the coach and asked if my kid was safe. He agreed that while my kid was better than the invited players, he wasn't sure the team was a good fit for my kid.

I asked what he meant by that. He said I didn't seem happy and that I never talked to him. He wondered if I didn't like him. I assured the coach that I was happy, I liked him and I appreciated having him coach my kid.

Then he gave me a wan smile and asked how much I appreciated him. He even moistened his lips and asked if I wanted to be his "friend".

So you are probably wondering what my point is, this happens all the time, kind of like dog bites man, nothing too newsworthy.

What is egregious is that I am a hockey DAD, not a hockey MOM.

Even more egregious, my kid made the team again. You do the math.