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Youth Hockey
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Re: Tryout Money Grab

My kid is a high-level tier 1/low level elite player. It's amazing how many emails I received from programs and coaches asking him to come to tryouts. Won't guarantee a spot but they want me to come to tryouts, it's my check!

14 separate emails from the Vipers are still one invite !

Stop thinking you're special.

Pretty sure anyone in youth hockey is getting the Viper spam.

That's my point

Re: Tryout Money Grab

If a kid is good enough and dedicated to hockey, $$ will not be the issue. We all know that some coaches and orgs would waive fees for a player of that talent. I know for a fact that a few coaches take $$ out of there own pockets to pay for kids who cant afford it. $$ is only an issue for mediocre players.