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Re: "Elite" MA Hockey

You do realize that some other kids were invited and turned it down about a month ago, right? Or was that not in your article?

Let me guess...your kid? You want to give us his initials just so that we all know he is so cool that he turned away a NTDP opportunity?

Who does that? Seems crazy to say no to NTDP.
It's a huge commitment at 15/16 years old. Living away from home, the schedule is brutal, education definitely comes second. That isn't the dream everyone has for their kid, and if he's good enough he can certainly still get to the NCAA and show his stuff there.

But, I agree, if my kid were asked, I'm helping him pack.
You are spot on; but if your kid is good enough to get invited, he's got options whether he goes or not.

^^^^^ lots of options available and the NTDP program directors are very good to work with, they understand that it is not for every kid. Very hard decision to turn down but was the right one.

Re: "Elite" MA Hockey

Two kids from Millis MA, that both committed to same school ? Hmmmm, weird that of all the 2001's across the country and state two come from a town with 7k people ?

In any event, people need to understand that lots of really good kids who could make the program do not even pursue that route.

And where did these Mass kids play their youth hockey, that is the important question !!