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Re: EHF Championship Weekend

Keep It Real
Good luck to all with kids playing this weekend, as a another terrific EHF season winds down. Nothing is perfect, but the EHF runs a terrific league overall. Who can complain about getting a game schedule in August and having it play out almost exactly to plan? This is outstanding scheduling work. And for everyone who likes to complain, the most important thing is that the kids, for the most part, are having fun and enjoying the brief time they will spend in youth hockey without really having a worry in the world. They get to experience youth hockey at its' best. Maybe only 1% make it to pro, but 100% get the thrill of being on a team, playing a game they love, having cool uni's, skating five days per week, working together to get better, making friends, and maybe playing in a travel tourney. Most of all, the players and their teammates and opponents provide a lot of good entertainment for all of us parents to enjoy, whether or not we see our little benders or superstars for what they really are. The kid are not going to remember their team records or games scores, but they will remember the overall experiences, win or lose. They will remember a championship or a near miss if the team is successful, and if they are are on a losing team they'll find good things to remember, even if it's just "hey, we stunk - but it was fun anyways."

Blame the Daddy coach!