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Re: Tier1 finals 07 white

So two things,1- the Manchester flames def don't have the same roster they had earlier this season.theybpicked up 1/2 bigbkids. Did those lads play enough to qualify or are the flames cheating? Def smells 🐟. 2- caps have two kids who are clearly elite and the parents play them down on a white level team ? Hurts the kids in the long run mom and dad. Must have a massive ego problem. Both team parents have a few moms that are obnoxious and scream all game. White trash cup coming up!!!!!

First, get used to the obnoxious parents, they are everywhere so you need to learn to deal with it. Second, massive egos don't keep their kids on tier 1, their kids are too good for tier 1 and only take elite offers. Third, the younger the teams the bigger growth both physical and on the ice from the beginning to the end of the season can be noted. But if you are convinced they had non rostered players than take it to the EHF to overturn your loss