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Re: 06 Bandits Elite

A Non
Anyone know if this team is full?

Does anyone know where this team could come from?

What does that mean? They have a few BSB, a few LKs, a few Caps. Goalie I heard was the kid who quit the kings. Heard maybe one other king. If you have decent coaches you can at least get an ok team. Reason everyone left original Bandits or didn't want to go there was bad coaching. The end

Re: 06 Bandits Elite

Yeah new coach and no contracts given out caused a bit of Caps exodus so that's a windfall for other teams. Good for Bandits.

Re: 06 Bandits Elite

Couple of those kids from JL LK E9 team are pretty good, good enough that I guarantee they regret going there this year !

Re: 06 Bandits Elite

All 4 of the 06 teams owned by lovell lost their best players.