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Re: Caps/Kings

Pickle Juice
Not sure where you been buddy but none of Lovell's programs have gotten "better". As they grow they become more water down then any other program. Hardly any kid show at the tryouts, coaching is terrible, and neither one of the brothers is involved anymore. Every level team loaded with a bunch of rejects cut from other programs or town kids.

Outlaws used to be the place to play along time ago. Current ownership bought the program so their kids can actually make a team. Spot on about certain coaches kids. They'll be just like the Knights. Complete joke of a program.

Here is what will happen. No one will come to the select programs next year. The year after some will leave caps and other programs because they are bad too. Lovell will inherit all the kids that can't make real teams. I.e., the Knights and Giants. Really, really bad hockey for the $$$. So bad, no u14 team next year.

Check please suckers.

I think the pickle Juice has E9/BHL ax to grind. on a few posts spewing the same crap. get cut a few too many times did we?