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Re: 95 Giants

I heard they had close to 40 kids at the 2005 tryouts. Not sure about quality,,,but still had numbers. Also heard that the 06 and 07s had numbers too. Again not sure about quality. Pretty sure new coaches coming in at some of the lower levels...maybe they're bringing kids. Anyway, new program so bumps are expected.

Re: 95 Giants

No u14. They're going to be terrible if they do field a team. they took the already not very good U14 team and move them to the U 15 team as no numbers there either. My son is a 2003 and it was not going to be an option for him. Joke of a program

Re: 95 Giants

Careful here folks. Saying U14/15/16/18 levels from other countries, states and all super elite teams. What's really happening is he is filling gaps where he can with Tier 2 players at best, HS rejects and 1/2 season kids. Do your homework with before falling for the Lovell and company sell job.