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Re: myhockeyrankings

In the Know
For the EHF vs E9 debate per 06 myhockeyrankings in the COUNTRY

EHF Elite teams are represented 8 times in the top 30 spots in the country, including 4 teams in the Top 11

E9 only has 2 teams and they are ranked 24th and 25th.

Why even have a debate of E9's worthiness? It's not even a discussion.
You'll learn soon enough that no one cares where your kid played youth hockey.

Fed is clearly the best, no rational argument against it. People do care (you do as well). Everyone wants to be EHF Elite, rightfully so.
You're completely incorrect. I've never heard anyone above the youth hockey level ask where did that (high school/college/NHL) player play youth hockey. Embrace the fact that only the parents care. It's about as relevant as asking where did that MLB player play Little League baseball. I certainly don't care. It's about coaching and development and you take it where you can find it.

Oh it matters all right. Pedigree is so important in this game. There are only so many scholarships to handout and draft picks to burn. The decision makers above youth hockey want reaffirmation they aren't buying a pig-in-the-poke. A kid who hasn't played in the Fed when such an opportunity was available to him raises all kinds of red flags in the minds of the decision makers.

The idea of a kid coming out of nowhere (read E9) to play at a high level is pure Hollywood wishful thinking. Clint Eastwood made a baseball movie about it.

And this is the problem I see in youth hockey as opposed to any other youth sport: way to many Parents chasing a fantasy that their kid is on the way to that D1 scholarship and the NHL. You just said it yourself... too few scholarships to hand out. Add in too many players to give them to. That equals minimal chance of any our kids going anywhere past high school. So what this rat race in hockey? How about playing because it's fun, it's competitive, it's healthy, it's teaches many life lessons.

So do that and stop responding to the EHF trolls. Do you think responding to a nonsense comment about leagues in late March on a youth hockey discussion board adds to or detracts from the culture that you so despise?

Who said I despise anything? Not understand it? YES!! And what amazes me more is that I chose to make one comment about being unrealistic and I'm feeding the trolls? I guess the bigger question is why do you respond as well?