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Re: Hanifin and Eichel

My son played with Hannifin for a split season at BA during Bantams. The thing with him was yes he was very good but also he was a very early growing kid and a big kid so he stood out early. For defensemen the biggest young kids don't always end-up being the best players as you will see many late bloomers move past the Peewee 'can't miss prospects' and the can't miss kids fade. Look at the Boston Mission defesnemen - stud Peewee kids and really not many panned-out.

This is why few young defensemen get college commits. If they are good but smaller the coaches want to wait to see if they will grow, if they are big and young the coaches want to see what else is coming along before they select a kid....unless of course he is a legacy kid, they always move to the front of the line. Afterall it is hockey.

Re: Hanifin and Eichel

Hanifin played BA split yes, but not bantam he played U18 as a 13 year old. He was big for his age and did stand out but he was standing out against kids 5 years older than him! Don't make it sound like he stood out because he was big. the kid was a stud at a young age ..... He just turned 20 and has 150 NHL games under his belt as a Dman, not bad!

Re: Hanifin and Eichel

I guess my kid played U18 as a 13 year old too as they are the same kid has 150 fewer NHL games though.