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Re: Kings Really T2 or T3

Unfortunately the Kings are easy to root against. Arrogant, arrogant organization. Owners, coaches, parents, players. Sending their "delete" teams to a tier 2 tournament? Shows you how waterered down they are.

Re: Kings Really T2 or T3

Getting their butt kicked at nationals. Looks like the U18 team team is really a tier 3 team? Daddy's of the high school bench riders must be flipping out. Weren't they their "elite" team?

Sounds like someone is frustrated that once kids are are free to go they run away from his program as fast as they can!

Re: Kings Really T2 or T3

Kings a victim of money hungry owners. Huge drop off at u16/u18, usually players who can't make a good team but are excited to wear the logo. "Elite" teams at this level are lower level than Premier division of MPDHL. Best U levels around is Mass Selects. Anything below this is much of the same.