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Re: O4 Black Parity "Alternates"

I saw the Islanders at parity and they had a couple of kids with different gear out there so I'm assuming they picked up at least a few. Couldn't tell where they were coming from though.

Re: O4 Black Parity "Alternates"

Parity this time of year for next year is awful!...Can we agree that the Valley League handles parity the best? However with the early movement of teams schedule can't be set at beginning of year...

Re: O4 Black Parity "Alternates"

IHC picked up a couple of E9 skaters and a goalie. They looked real good at parity right where they left off from last season. 1 point last season and IHC would have made a deep playoff run last season.

Re: O4 Black Parity "Alternates"

With the 04s why aren't we doing this in the fall when they can check and the kids that are playing as "alternates" would have conflicts with their regular team. I know, it's just about selling ice.

Re: O4 Black Parity "Alternates"

Although the concept of parity is a great idea, in practice it is very flawed especially when the rules of the game will shift dramatically next year. On top of the change in checking, the gamesmanship of playing with the rosters will only serve to broaden the gap. Having the team split regionally makes a lot more sense than anything else I have seen so far. As for drawing a line in the sand based on a random number (10), that's as silly as the E9 concept.