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Re: New E9/BHL teams WE

This is the message that went out to families back in Feb from the Express:

First, in terms of the E9 and the BHL. This league will be for our Premier teams. All premier teams will have the opportunity to play in the parity round the first weekend of the season for entrance into the E9 division. The parity weekend will consist of 4-5 games against other teams vying for E9 status. Should your team play in the parity but not qualify for the E9, the team will then play in the Boston Hockey League (BHL). For those teams who do not wish to play during the parity round, you will be placed in the BHL and start the season right away.

Secondly, in terms of the MPDHL, we are keeping our Elite teams in this league. This is a great league for our Elite teams and we firmly believe that all our levels will be highly competitive in the upcoming season. The scheduling has been a bit challenging this season, however, the kinks have been worked out and we are very much excited for the 2017-18 season.

Finally, in terms of this past season, we were told by the MPDHL that they were going to have a “Select” division for our teams to play in. As they did not have enough programs with Select teams, it was too late for us to get into a different league. We are not going to have second Elite teams for the 2017-2018 season, we will definitely have Select teams. If the MA Premier League does not have a Select division we will play in the Valley League to properly place our Select teams in a competitive and successful situation.

Lets see how this works out for WE, seeing as how their "premier" teams are made up of kids cut from BHL National and Tier 1 White teams.

Re: New E9/BHL teams WE

They should put all their teams into Valley so they have a shot at being competitive.