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Re: 2017 Brick Training & Evaluation Camp

Ya ok your not interested in playing in the brick! What kind of clown gets on a message board to ask about an evaluation camp and says I'm thinking about sending my kid but your not interested in playing in the tournament?! Were you hoping that people would say your tier 1 player now that he made an EHF elite team would be a shoe in for Edmonton?? Or where you hoping that someone would bad mouth the jr bruins organization or the kids that play for the team. Everything in hockey is a money grab . When are all you idiots gonna learn that you ultimately choose to do it or not. Skills instructors shooting coaches tournaments -they all cost money it's a business folks. And yes most of the best players around do play for that 08 team. Not to say that things can change in 11 months. I read this board for pure entertainment and I'm sick of idiots that post stuff hoping to draw out other idiots to make negative comments/opinions of kids parents and organizations. Grow up

Buddy, you're about two sentences away from a heart attack. Take it easy for @!#% sake.

For the the end of the day it's $400. It's a drop in the bucket for what you're going to "invest" in your kids hockey endeavor. My kid went several years back. Looking back, it was a decent experience. It's not an open camp, you need to get a coach recommendation and be playing for a qualifying team (in the jr b's eyes) so there's a little accomplishment in just being there. When we attended, there were no scrubs. Everyone could play pretty well.

No kiddin', chill the f**k out, haha. Keyboard tough guy calling me a clown and an idiot because I don't know what the Brick is. I was honestly asking because I'd never heard of it and was wondering if it would be beneficial to my son. Let me know if we need to discuss it any further in person, bud.