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Re: Brick evaluation

Did anyone do the brick evaluation? How was the talent?

Word on the street was attendance was light and the talent level of those who were there was below expectations.

Re: Brick evaluation

I hope some scouts made it to take in these magnificent 10 year old hockey players.

Re: Brick evaluation

08s are not yet 10, some haven't even turned 9. The scouts were busy watching the 07s.

Re: Brick evaluation


Re: Brick evaluation

Agree with you 110%

Re: Brick evaluation

I had my son do it. We did it last minute. Was it a money grab, yes...but what isn't? I was happy with the end result. He skated with his buddies, got a pretty cool shirt, it was high paced hockey, talent was decent, the kids dressed in the junior level locker in my kid's eyes, he had a blast. But to each their own....