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Youth Hockey
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Re: Coaches

A Non
Socalled Daddy Coach
Who are the better coaches at the 06 level? E9 or EHF

What are the qualifications to be a good coach?

Doesn't bang moms
doesn't put his chubby kid on the ice every other shift
general hockey knowledge
CORI clear
actually cares if kids other than his son develop

So simple....yet so elusive

#3 is the biggest issue of all

I'm going to assume you're jesting but if not, the right answer actually is #5. You might want to look that one up. Thanks for playing, now back to the dump truck full of mulch and your cracked Android screen.

I am going to assume you are ok with your wife getting dp'd by the coach and his buddies while gassing beers at a tournament.
if your wife is being banged by one or more coaches, unless they are close friends or family it ain't the coach(es) you have a beef with. Pretty sure the standard youth hockey contract doesn't contain any marital vows. Take it up with her.

The U14 SSK T1 coach loves hockey moms and banging friends' wives. How people allow their kids to be coached by him, I have no idea.

Re: Coaches

Who are the better coaches at the 06 level? E9 or EHF

06 Saints coaches are good guys. Awful organization with terrible snakes at its head but the 06 Coaches are very good.