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Re: 2010 goalie

The Show
Good morning/afternoon. As faithful reader of this board, I could not help but respond to this grave situation that you now find yourself in. Just to let you know, in the past few days, we here in The Show have contacted the other 30 teams. We had a conf call last night and have decided to increase our scouting staffs. We would not want to be at a game where your 7 yr old, who I am sure is a natural born centerman, is "stuck" in net. The window is so small to find that rare breed of talent. Especially at the 7 yr old level. We have also contacted all the area prep schools as well as Shattuck. They have all made note of the plight of the 7 yr old Elite BJT team. Everyone has agreed that they will not blow off any 2010 BJT Elite games and will of course take this awful goalie situation into consideration. Coincidentally, you sound like a father who may be interested in an excellent opportunity. We have heard rumblings of a 2010 (That's again, 7 yr olds) showcase that may be in the works. Times, dates, and locations are still up in the air but the cost is set at reasonable $2k. There will only be 4 teams: black, white, silver, and chartreuse. Evaluations, exposure to the top execs, and really cool shirts will be provided. Also, they will have a full line of ADULT gear and car decals available for purchase at the admissions ($20) table. Do stay tuned. Good luck and god bless in the upcoming season.
Take this in the spirit intended. It is friggin' ridiculous that you are concerned about anything other than development of your kid. If you don't want your kid in net, just tell the coach. But for you to be distraught over the lack of a full time goalie for your 6/7 year old's team is absolutely insane.

Re: 2010 goalie

BJT mite minor elite looking for a goalie still. wish i knew that before we committed. Hope coach finds one. I dont want my kid in the goalie rotation..
Dude you are fg nuts.