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Re: Parents that think their players are destined for the NHL

So you mean to tell me none of the 07 islanders are going to the NHL?!?! This just can't be
never say never but I doubt it!!
****, you're a week too late. The Sabres just hired a local guys as Amateur Scout. Too bad they didn't know how good you are at predicting kids' potential by age 9!
Not predicting potential. Just pointing out fact. Sorry your kid will get cut
Opinion, not fact.

I've met guys like you over the years, ever since my kid was 7. "My kid isn't going to the NHL" is a euphemism for "I don't want to spend my weekends in ice rinks" and "I'd rather spend the money on myself."

I'm sure 10 years ago people just like you were telling Bob Hanifin, Mark White and Bob Eichel their kids were not going to make it. Luckily, they didn't listen.

Is my kid going to play in the NHL. Probably not. PROBABLY not. Should I tell him to stop trying so **** hard to develop?

Nobody said they didn't spend time at the rinks. The poster is just looking for a little more quiet time at the rinks, without so much screaming and yelling. At least we don't have to hear you yelling "ice the puck" anymore during penalty kill. That's a step in the right direction. Let the kids play is all. Give them every opportunity to succeed, but let them succeed on their own.

Oh man I yell that all the time...thought I was being helpful. Thanks for the heads up Dboard.