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Re: Gilmartin Buying Hockeytown?

Making improvements wouldn't make them more money. They aren't buying a business they already have that they are just buying another rink. To them they probs don't care what all the mommy and daddy's at the rink think or how cold they are they care about the money they make off the investment. They aren't going to drop money on a rink they already just bought they have to make some first. They can price the ice however they want it's theirs anyway so no one sets the rules for how much they charge and cleaning it up doesn't make the ice more expensive. They sell the ice they make money plus they already own leagues and stuff so they are basically selling it to them selves then making it back rather than buying from someone else and losing it they put their own games in it so honestly a smart business man would maybe clean it but but not put much into it honestly. Sorry all you crazy hockey parents think you are only going to go to the best rinks or that omg he's not being smart if he leaves it like that hahah none of you know business.

Please tell me english is not your first language?

We stated....that was awful