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Re: whos going to the Q?

Who cares! These teams will get mopped up. For the next 5 months we will all argue who is going to get embarassed in the Q.

2000 Flames won it, 2002 Breakers made the semis, hope for all benders still remains

Re: whos going to the Q?

you are clueless....last year (04) Islanders made it to semi finals of the Q. EHF well represented.

Re: whos going to the Q?

Capitals best coaching staff

That's a joke right?

Re: whos going to the Q?

What birth years will compete in the Q this year? Is it many different birth years?
Don't know. I'm a dumb American town hockey parent. How does a team even get to play in the Q?
Does a team have to qualify some way?

Re: whos going to the Q?

Not a joke. Look what happened last year, look who won EHF. YOUR THE JOKE!!!

Re: whos going to the Q?

Not sure IHC is that good... least improved this offseason