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Re: Extra ice before season

To the OP, I'm sure you knew before 9/4 your kid wasn't skating over the summer so what is the point in bringing it up now? If the agreement you signed back in April didn't spell out a preseason camp, etc., why did you sign it if you thought it so important? If you thought coach run practices were important in the summer, why didn't you ask the coach about it when he begged for your child to join his team? Hopefully you are getting my point. Now if you were promised all these things and didn't get them that's a different story but assuming you weren't, it's really on you.

Do your due diligence before you commit next time so that your expectations are aligned with the coaches/organizations realities. The best part of our current hockey landscape is their are lots of choices available to us parents that should allow us to find the right fit for our future GOAT's.

Not really getting this argument at all.

Most kids choose to skate outside their organization or at least separate from their team. PV, Dynamic and five or six quality skills organizations work with the majority of the kids in the summer.

If you choose to skate one day or seven days a week, who cares. To each there own but to say you picked the wrong organization is way, way off based and pretty goofy

Re: Extra ice before season

Sorry your kid didn't get any summer ice time

Re: Extra ice before season

Sorry your kid didn't get any summer ice time

Actually played in five tournaments (would have been more if he didn't get hurt) - his choice and skated 2-4 a week. Had fun, worked hard and still had time to be a kid.

I encourage him to put the time in and work hard but it is his choice. None of it has anything to do with his winter program. Strong program but plenty of options outside of it for summer hockey and training.

The best programs for development seem to be in areas where development is priority over games. Sweden, Finland, perhaps Canada to a certain extent. Here the closest thing as a whole is Minnesota.

Encourage your kids, enjoy the journey.